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When is the deadline?  All packages must be paid in full by July 1st, 2017.

Travel Insurance protection?  Yes, you will receive a discount by clicking here for Allianz, or here for Roam Right.  

Can I change my package? Yes, you can adjust your package if you want to add or subtract people, or add additional days to your package.  Any changes are subject to a $50 change fee.

Is the flight included? We are not offering any flight packages, but will be willing to help you find the lowest price.

Nearest airport? Nassau, Bahamas

Who is covering the resort fees and taxes?  We are covering your resort fees and taxes.

Can I book separately?  Unfortunately not.  Our events are private, and will require wristbands which are included in the package automatically.

How do I island Hop? You can go to other islands by ferry, boat or plane.  The Bahamas is made up of over 600 islands.

Do I need a passport? Yes

Are food and drinks included? We will be at an all-inclusive resort.

Can I put down the deposit to hold the room for all my guests? Yes, but their deposit must be paid by the deadline or you will be switched to the lower occupancy price.

Do I get a ticket? There is no need for a ticket; You will be listed and given a band that lets you into all of our private events.

Is transportation included?  Unless noted, transportation is not included; however, carpooling in large groups will be cheap and easy.

How will you know what package I want? Email us with the specific package and give us a list of the members in your group: info@urbanexcursionweekend.com

Can I add additional people to my room later? Yes, and we will adjust your rate.

What happens if my roommate cancels? If your roommate cancels, your rate will adjust to the revised rate or you can replace them.

Is there Wi-Fi at the hotel? Yes

What happens if there is inclement weather? It is recommended that you get event insurance that protects against travel and weather issues.

Who do I contact about being an affiliate? Send an email to info@urbanexcursionweekend.com.


All packages are non-refundable due to contractual obligations unless travel insurance is purchased. Travel Insurance is available for an additional cost per person. Refunds will not be provided due to a roommate's cancellation. Trips can be transferred to another person for the existing trip only (request via email). It is your responsibility to find replacement of your package and provide replacement information via email. If you are interested in purchasing Travel Insurance, click here.  We offer flexible partial payments as a courtesy and convenience at a 15% automatic charge to the plan.


Airfare is not included. You will be solely responsible to obtain your flight to and from the Bahamas.  If you miss your flight, it is your responsibility to reach out to the hotel directly, and Urban Events Global to let us know that you are still arriving, or it will be assumed that you are forfeiting your room.  Urban Excursion Weekend is not responsible for any changes in flights or cancellations.​ All deposits and payments are non-refundable due to hotel and transportation contractual obligations unless travel insurance is bought.  If you are interested in purchasing Travel Insurance, visit www.travelguard.com or an insurance company of your choice.


Roommates must declare occupancy of single, double, or triple. If a roommate drops out and is not replaced, the rate will be revised to the proper occupancy or the roommate can be replaced.

What To Wear. Men should pack several pairs of shorts, t-shirts and perhaps a polo shirt or two as well as one pair of slacks for going out at night, while women might bring a few cute sundresses, a wrap skirt, shorts, tank tops and other casual attire. Sunscreen and insect repellant are also musts. 

In the event of an event sell out, we reserve the right to offer refunds on the following schedule (all minus $150)

  • 75% of funds if requested prior to 11/2/2016.
  • 50% of funds if requested between 11/29/2016 through 2/29/2016
  • 25% of funds if requested between 3/2/2017 through 6/1/2017
  • Absolutely no refunds after 6/2/2017 

Frequently Asked Questions

Partial.ly Payment Contracts:

By submitting your order and authorizing the charges on your card, you are legally bound to the term of your contract: You are acknowledging that you authorize Partial.ly to charge your contracted amount on behalf of UrbanEventsGlobal and Urban Camp Weekend Events LLC that day, and the following payments as stated on your contract.   You acknowledge that the total amount due will be paid to UrbanEventsGlobal and Urban Camp Weekend Events LLC by the stated end date. You acknowledge that the credit card(s) or payment method(s) you are using to make this purchase will be active, valid and have sufficient funds available during the entire term of the payback period. If for any reason your payment is declined, you will provide an alternative, valid payment method. You also understand that you may be assessed a late fee(s) if a payment is missed on any of the agreed-upon payment dates for any reason whatsoever. You understand that you are legally bound to these terms and required by law to make all payments on the agreed-upon payment dates, as there are no refunds. UrbanEventsGlobal and Urban Camp Weekend Events LLC reserve the right to report delinquent payments to credit agencies and collections agencies.